About TurtolCMS

TurtolCMS is a powerful, flexible Web Content Management System. With it, you can manage most every aspect of your web content directly from your web browser with intuitive editing tools.

TurtolCMS does not restrict you with a "template," though templates are available. Instead, it allows you or your web designer full freedom to build whatever look you like, and then gracefully re-use that design as a template for any new content you add.

TurtolCMS is also a full-featured web-application framework. You can create application logic using the Python programming language and (optionally) presentation using the ClearSilver templating system to realize just about any web-based requirement.

Current news

No news is good news.

You can read all about the project at the TurtolCMS Project Site. You'll find tutorials and documentation there, as well.

Hosting - Shameless Plug from the project leaders

Want to use the TurtolCMS, but don't want to bother with setting it up? We can host it for you!

Legal stuff

This software is copyright 2006 by Turtol, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

TurtolCMS is released under the terms of the Gnu General Public License, version 3.0. Please see the GPL itself for more details.

The CONTENT of this web site (as opposed to the TurtolCMS software which is used to manage that content) is the property of the web site owner, and is not (necessarily) covered by the GPL license.